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An Otachi evolution ~ making a PACIFIC RIM kaiju! This week Guillermo del Toro’s PACIFIC RIM came out on DVD/Blu-Ray, so now you can have kaiju alerts anytime you want!

pacific rim

Pacific Rim Concept Art by Kaiju -----------------------------------------------Pacific Rim Concept Art by Kaiju, Pacific Rim Concept Art, Pacific Rim art, Pacific Rim, Concept Art by Ka

Snake Dragons by *beastofoblivion on deviantART

A couple of hastily scribbled dragons based on snakes (the green tree python, peruvian long tail boa, and rosy boas). Sorry guys I haven't been keeping up with messages hardly at all, things have b.

Sewer demon - regular version by VladMRK

Regular version - A former swamp creature who found his way into the sewer of a great city. Specially evolved to hunt and slice his pray, he uses his strong jaws to squeeze flesh and then sucking the blood with his many thin tongues. The sewer demon is