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#1 Feijoa poppy seed muffins. Great recipe, looks exactly like picture and they taste great.

I have about five feijoa trees in my front driveway. In March, I harvest about a bag of feijoas every couple of days. You can freeze them and use them in this recipe later in the year.

This feijoa paste is a delicious treat. You can either eat it as a sweet on its own or add it to your next cheese board.

Do you have so many feijoas you don't know what to do with them? Here's 8 different recipes so not a single feijoa will go to waste.

Apple, feijoa and spinach green smoothie

A healthy, vitamin C packed green smoothie recipe for the sceptical, feijoas are your secret ingredient to green smoothie happiness.

9 Busy bag ideas

No Mess Busy Bag Ideas for 2 Year Olds Great for occupying older siblings when the newborn arrives. This had me at NO MESS!

16 No Preparation Activities To Keep Toddlers Busy: my kid is probably a bit old for some of these, but then again, maybe not! (from

These activities are perfect if you are cooking tea, feeding a baby, feeling ill yourself or simply want to dry your hair without having a toddler attached to you. These toddler activities are low mess, quick to set up whilst promoting independent play.

35 Pompom Activities Toddlers will LOVE!

35 Pompom Activities Toddlers will LOVE! --> I'm a huge fan of anything that gets those little fingers moving!