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Mondo Mango :: Reality | Tapastic Comics - image 1

This is me exactly being excited over 5 3 only for my 5 8 besties to call me short

Mondo Mango :: Playing With Babies | Tapastic Comics - image 1

I used to laugh at my baby daily cause her tiny little arms didnt go above her head!

CK's Mom Rocks - image

I was crazy about rocks as a kid. I kept any one I found awesome or pretty. I have a beach bag full in my closet still 😂

Mondo Mango :: The Difference | Tapastic Comics - image 1

Just poking fun at my own title again and playing with the manga style xD Mondo Mango vs Mundo Manga

Mondo Mango :: Visiting Boston | Tapastic Comics - image 1

This was related to the short legs comic where we were at the airport.