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a woman is painting an abstract art piece on the wall with blue and purple colors
Interview: Ethereal Marbled Paintings Express the Inner Light Inside All of Us
Through gorgeous, ethereal paintings, artist Emma Lindstrm creates a tangible representation of a feeling. To her, this feeling is floating and irrational, but always uplifting and full of hope–one that can be experienced, but never formed into a thought. The conceptual basis for Lindstrm's artwork lends itself to the sprawling, abstract compositions that she painstakingly …
a person standing in the water under a rainbow colored sky with their eyes closed and head down
La pregunta por la vida
Pensamientos sobre la búsqueda de un significado y la constante insat… #poesía # Poesía # amreading # books # wattpad
an abstract painting with multicolored swirls on the bottom, and a woman's face in the middle
Moon Dancer
Based on the painting “Moon Dancer” by award winning energy artist Julia Watkins, this image celebrates the divine feminine spirit. In each, a women dances with complete abandon, connecting her energy with the celestial heavens above
a painting of an angel with roses in the background
Shiloh Sophia McCloud; beautiful and full of soul
Finding Paradise, Shiloh Sophia McCloud Black Art, Paradise Painting, Face Art, Acrylic Prints, Amazing Art, Fine Art America, Beautiful Art, Art Journal, Oeuvre D'art
Finding Paradise by Shiloh Sophia McCloud
Finding Paradise, Shiloh Sophia McCloud
two people are walking through the grass with mountains in the background, and one person is looking up at the sky