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an altered book with lace and buttons on it
Junk Journal ♥ 28
Sweet little Junk Journal ♥ I've tea dyed most of the papers added vintage laces, tuck spots and much more...
altered collage with lace and fabric flowers
Junk Journal 36 ♥
an altered book with lace, paper and buttons on it's cover is shown
an altered book with lace, flowers and birdcage
an altered photograph with flowers and other things on it's side, sitting on top of a lace doily
an altered photo with lace and flowers on it's side, the word live is written
a stack of folded up papers on top of each other
an altered book with flowers and butterflies on it
an altered piece of fabric with buttons, lace and other things on top of it
Shabby Chic ♥
a close up of a bag on a red carpeted floor with an object in the middle
Vintage / Grunge Spine ♥
an old purse is sitting on a bed with lace and other items around it,
Vintage / Grunge ♥
several pieces of cloth with black and white polka dots on them sitting on a red surface
Girlz ♥
Red n Black Spine ♥ Fashion, Bags, Crossbody, Red, Disco, Gucci, Gucci Soho Disco Crossbody, Gucci Soho Disco
Red n Black Spine ♥
an open book with red roses on the cover and some feathers laying next to it
Red n Black ♥
a book with some charms hanging from it's side on a red carpeted floor
Laughter Spine...