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Janelle Divinagracia
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Funny Pictures Of Chris Tucker vs. Chinese Man

This is from the movie Rush Hour. you should watch it, its HILARIOUS!<<man it's been years sense I've seen this movie need to watch it again.

The blog could aid you raise your strength for a healthier life and also more powerful self confidence.

This chart depicts the essential amino acids needed by the body to perform specific functions. These amino acids all hold specific functions that turn out to be helpful to specific parts of the body when put into a specific order by the ribosome.

HOW TO BE MENTALLY STRONG - http://usmle2easy.com/how-to-be-mentally-strong/

Fantastic educational website that interested in studying medical subjects and also focus on USMLE Eaxm and tips for applied student and Provide nice medical mnemonics for difficult subjects, Study USMLE becomes to easy and Funny.

"Never make fun of someone if they mispronounce a word- It means they learned it by reading."

English is my second langue, and I read a lot, so my words just come out wrong sometimes. --- already pinned this, but on the wrong bord.

"They said, "Be the person you needed as a kid" this honestly changed me into who I am today."

"They said, "Be the person you needed as a kid" this honestly changed me into who I am today." - tbh, this is sort of what I am trying to do, who I am trying to be.but dont only be that - be the good influences you did have as a kid too

Three Cheese Italian Rigatoni Pie

Can make it Vegan! Three Cheese Italian Rigatoni Pie contains all your Italian favorites ground pork or sausage Parmesan cottage or ricotta cheese eggs and a delicious tomato sauce all conveniently cooked in one pan!