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Julie Breeze

Julie Breeze
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Making a sign

I can so use this for my wedding - DIY - Inspirational quot sign. "Excuse the Mess. The children are making memories." How to make a sign with an inspirational quote for just a few dollars! A very easy technique @ By Wilma

Crystal Intentions ༺❁༻

Previous pinner: crystal and mineral stone collection in handmade geometric diamond wood curio shelf

driftwood by SelmaLaStrega

Lake Superior Driftwood Angel- one of a kind. made from stick and driftwood taken from the shores of Lake Superior. I would like to do this with driftwood from Mullet Lake.

Lámpara de pie hecha con tronco de un árbol. #DIY#

How To: Make a DIY Tree Branch Floor Lamp.This DIY tree branch lamp is a unique project that could easily be scaled to your liking (a desk lamp, perhaps?