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the easter story activity for kids to learn how to read and draw
The Easter Story Wheel Spinner Craft For Kids - Non-Toy Gifts
The Easter story wheel spinner for kids to make at Easter Sunday school. Teach about Jesus' resurrection with the important events from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. #theeasterstory #theeasterstorycraft #eastercraft #eastercraftsforkids
four paper plates with different designs on them
Easter Crafts for Kids to Make
the door is decorated with an assortment of magnets
Holy Week for families
Holy Week banner
an easter card box with candy and other things inside it on a red cloth covered bed
Palm Sunday craft, Holy Week in a box
several rolls of white string wrapped with colorful pom poms and some other items
Metamorphosis craft- caterpillar, cocoon, butterfly. Super easy that even 2 years can do. For caterpillars use popsicle sticks, pompoms, glue. Could add google eyes. For cocoons use toilet paper rolls and white yarn- tucking or overlapping the ends of the yarn. For butterflies use decorated clothes pins, three 8x8" or smaller layers of tulle in different colors, and pipecleaners. We did this craft in Sunday school today to illustrate JESUS TEACHING NICODEMUS about being born again.
ceramic butterflies and bowls are on display for sale at the store, with words ceramic butterfly bowl - part 2
Ceramic Butterfly Bowls - Glazed! (Part 2)
Ceramic Butterfly Bowls – Glazed! (Part 2) -this was what i was planning to do with my junior kids next! Gotta love the synchronicity of the Internet!