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a refrigerator filled with lots of food and condiments
an elf sitting on top of a glass table holding a sign that says, we're keeping our eyes on you
two elfs sitting on top of a chair with money in their hands and one has a sign that says we heard you all love star bucks
an elf is holding a piece of cake next to other items on a counter top
an elf is hanging on the wall with a roll of toilet paper in his hand
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Elf, Man
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an elf holding a blue marker on top of a refrigerator
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an elf is holding a candy cane box with the message can you find all 9 candy canes?
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an elf is sitting on a table with a sign in front of him that says please clean your room
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an elf is sitting next to two open suitcases and a note that says, christmas is coming love buddy
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an elf in a jar with a note attached to it that says i climbed in this bottle so that today you can carry me with you and can't wait for what to see
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