Jules Robertson

Jules Robertson

Jules Kininmonth-Robertson
Jules Robertson
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christian's inferno - left alone with a fatal imbalance of twisted naivety and unmediated ideas

(Open rp. Be whoever.) *squeak* I shot up in bed. 'What was that' I got out of bed to go look around. The stove was on... I thought I turned it off. Guess not. I walk over turn it off but as I turn around, a cold muzzle of a gun presses against my neck. A male voice says, "stay quiet and no one gets hurt.... You stole something from me and I need it back."

Adam walked into the kitchen. The eye of the stove glowed red. He knew immediately that it was no mistake.

Bad Blood, Southern Gothic, Square, Ph, Diaries, Rabbit

He was eating cheese an onion chrisps. I hate cheese and onion. His house smelt sweet kinda funny. He was actualy getting ready to.