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a painting of people on boats in the water next to buildings and a clock tower
The Grand Canal, Venice, Italy, painting by Canaletto (Giovanni Antonio Canal) | Windows Spotlight Images
an old drawing of some buildings and boats in the water with people standing around them
Exhibition | Titian to Canaletto: Drawing in Venice
a painting of people sitting on the ground in front of a building with a clock tower
Giovanni Antonio Canal (called Canaletto) Piazza San Marco, Looking East From The Southwest Corner Oil Painting Reproductions for sale
an oil painting of boats and people on the water near a city with tall buildings
De Miró à Basquiat et toujours Picasso... les expositions à ne pas rater à Paris cet automne
Giovanni Antonio Canal, dit Canaletto, "Le Canal Grande avec la Salute", vers 1726-1728, Grenoble, musée de Grenoble L'éblouissante Venise du XVIIIe siècle au Grand Palais
a painting of people walking around in an old city
Canaletto - La piazetta et la tour de L'Horloge, 1729.
a painting of gondolas on a canal with buildings in the background
Entrée du grand canal, Venise | Canaletto
a painting of people in gondolas on a canal with buildings and clock tower
Venecia, según Canaletto: «El Bucintoro»
Venecia según Canaletto: El Bucintoro Canaletto: El Bucintoro en el muelle el Día de la Ascensión (pintado hacia 1732). Canaletto retratista de Venecia Giovanni Antonio Canal más conocido por Canaletto nació en Venecia y a Venecia dedicó sus mejores obras. De entre sus múltiples cuadros dedicados a Venecia y sus canales su luz sus cielos azules una de las más celebradas es El Bucintoro en el muelle el día de la Ascensión en el que el color azul domina completamente la escena. En cualquier cas
a painting of people on boats in the water next to buildings and a bridge with arches
Canaletto - 181 artworks - painting
Page: The Molo and the Riva degli Schiavoni from the St. Mark's Basin Artist: Canaletto Completion Date: 1740 Place of Creation: Venice, Italy Style: Rococo Genre: veduta Technique: oil Material: canvas Dimensions: 46.5 x 63 cm Gallery: Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, Ohio, USA
a painting of an old building with arches and people walking through the archways,
a painting of boats on the water in front of a large building with a dome
Better than the Olympics! Boris's pledge on Diamond Jubilee River Thames spectacular
Majestic: The artist's impression of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee flotilla recalls Canaletto's famous painting, River Thames with St. Paul's Cathedral on Lord Mayor's Day, c.1747-48
a painting of people on boats in the water