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Doilies used to make a corset top

(Note to self) attach doilies to a cream colored corset (or tank top) to try to recreate this. Could end up being very cool "Gypsy Boho Chic Steampunk !

Peacock Cat Costume – Meowingtons For the most fabulous cats ever.

Description Looking for a cute cat costume to put your kitty in for a little photoshoot? Well look no further - Because this unique two-piece peacock cat costume is an adorable blue and green outfit t

My Phoenix Armor chestplate. For inquiries on show/fashion pieces like this email me on fairytas.info@gmail.com

Detail of the chest piece for the Phoenix Dress by Jolien-Rosanne (Fairytas, NL)

This is very much the kind of artwork one would find in Adelfia, particularly in the capital city, Farindel. A shield decorated with a relief of the Avelin - perfect!

I love the faded metal colours of this shield! The dragons are cool, but not over stated and the sun sigyl at the top just seals the deal. This is such a gorgeous larp shield. Larp safe koi instead of dragons

Drow breastplate. Excellent construction. Ok allowed for metal shows only. leave the cape since well it'll land you in a nuthouse.

Drows aka the Dark Elves. As you can see from the design of their armor, its all bad-ass black! Masters of the night, Drows can glide .