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Treating SIBO (Part 2): Symptoms of SIBO

Learn the symptoms of SIBO including diarrhea, constipation, skin problems, brain fog, and what you can do to treat SIBO and get your life back.

Ribbons + lights = pretty ❤ Interspersed with my pastel rainbow ribbons, cream lace ribbons, tulle & my candy string lights ~ draped from the center & allowed to fall down the walls (or outdoors, the streamers could BE the walls) on each side ~ this would be SO beautiful ❤ It could even serve as a "tent" of ribbons...

Ribbon and twinkle lights These are colors I like for the ribbons. reds, light blues and yellows. maybe no pink, add light green? break up color with some off-white ribbon. idea is colorful without being full on rainbow.

ASOS Midi Wiggle Dress in Art Deco Print

Enlarge ASOS Midi Wiggle Dress in Art Deco Print - I have a dress like this not this print but it is SO bloody comfy - 1 thing to worry about in the morning too