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an abstract black and white photo with circles in the center
Archillect (@archillect) on X
Archillect on Twitter: "https://t.co/8ijw6xG3Jr" / Twitter
black and white photograph of a person walking down a long hallway lined with brick pillars
Tunnel of light #Barcelona #architecture | Barcelona architecture, Brick architecture, Urban architecture
“Tunnel of light #Barcelona #architecture”
black and white photograph of a person walking in front of a wall with triangular shapes
an empty building with arches and doors on the sides, in front of a white wall
Bezana Cultural Centre, CLK Architects
a person standing in an empty room with concrete walls and steps leading up to it
TEd'A arquitectes, maccari carrera architects · Crematorium in Thun
an artist's rendering of a courtyard with people sitting on benches and trees in the background
Sergison Bates architects
an artist's rendering of a pier with trees and people on it
an artist's rendering of people walking on a path between trees
an illustrated map with many different types of buildings and trees in it, including the river
an image of a person sitting at the end of a wooden bridge over a body of water
Architecture Installation The link of times