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Kitchen Witch Tip: Bury a raw egg by the entrance to your home to ensure abundance for the forthcoming year and fertility in your garden.and hope that your kitty familiars or chooks don't dig it up lol

Witches Runes

Witchwood Estate: Witches 13 Casting stones & Rune Stones (I draw waves)

witchcraftmagazine: How to Recharge yourself. Change your life with the Magic of Crystals : http://www.magicalrecipesonline.com/2016/05/7-easy-magical-ways-to-use-crystals-in.html Learn Real Magic in

Recharge yourself! "Whenever you feel drained, close your eyes. Hold two crystals *preferably Amethyst or Quartz (on the left hand pointing inwards and on the right hand outwards) to create an energy circuit. Let the energy flow.