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a woman with her back to the camera and text reading, become a travel pro with these 6 amazing tips plus free bonus printables
Become a Travel Pro With These 6 Tips
We're so excited to share these tips we've been collecting over years!
the best hikes in new zealand are you looking for some great things to do?
The best hikes in New Zealand - we12travel
The best half-day and day-hikes in New Zealand!
the contents of a carry - on travel bag are shown in this graphic above it's description
15 Tips On How To Pack For Vacation Like A Pro
an info poster showing the different types of boats in the water, and how they are used
Off-Season Travel Spots Where You Can Avoid ALL The Tourists
Navigating swarms of tourists is quite possibly the most annoying part of a trip for real-deal travelers. So why not avoid them? This spot-on guide shows prime off-season dates for some of th...
a woman sitting on top of a rock next to the ocean with text that reads things you should do every time you travel
Life at Home
The ultimate travel bucket list, such a great idea to eat at recommended restaurants by locals they really do know whats best.
snow covered mountains with the words june's travel tale snow in siberia
Snow in Siberia
Thinking of travelling to Siberia? Our very own Laura can tell you all about it and what she got up to. P.S. not fun the sun soakers :D
an assortment of clothing and accessories laid out on the floor
Packing for Indochina!
What to pack for 30 days in South East Asia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Backpacking with Contiki!
the beach is lined with large rocks under a blue sky filled with fluffy white clouds
Travel Guides
Check out this slideshow Enjoying the Beach on Oriental Bay in this list 10 Things to Do in Wellington
two men on surfboards are in the water with red balls around them and one man is standing on top of an object
Travel Tale of the Month - May
Yep..thats me...doping the Total Wipeout big red balls! Click this post to read more about my Thailand experience, or to see some more funny pictures of me face planting :D
the words travel tales written in white on top of a map with an old camera, magnifying glass and other items
Soon we'll be releasing our monthly travel tales. I can't wait to hear some of your stories and share ours :D
a woman walking down the street with her back to the camera and text overlayed
Travel Guide | In A Faraway Land
The Charming Capital of New Zealand - #Wellington in pictures. #NZmustDo
two people standing on the side of a mountain overlooking a body of water with mountains in the background
LOVE this small piece of motivation....does it make anyone else want to get their travel planning skates on?
an image of the inside and outside of a building with trees in front of it
The Temples of Angkor - Hecktic Travels
Tips and suggestions for planning at visit to the Temples of Angkor, Cambodia. #traveltips