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I love when people has plants and trees inside! Makes everything so home-y.

Beautiful green street level entrance to an home in Barcelona. By architect Benedetta Tagliabue

Easy To Grow House Plants

House plants are essential in any home or office, they improve your air quality and remove pollution. House plants have also been praised for.

The peace lily is a great indoor tropical flower. Tips on brightening your Winter blues with tropical plants

The peace lily is a great indoor flower. In the summer, you can move it outdoors to a shady, covered patio to make your backyard feel tropical. Don't put it in the sun! out to the patio you go this year, my friend :)

A sunny bathroom makes a great place for indoor plants. I love that they're actually in the shower!

I must do this in my bathroom window! window in shower. snake plant or maybe Sansevieria (good for low-light bathroom). plants in bathroom. radiator in bathroom, octagon tile on floor. small bathroom, little bathroom

"Green" smoothie

Guide to creating the perfect green smoothie ~ great infographic! especially for me who's new to this whole green juice/smoothie thing.

Pineapple, Orange, Ginger and Chia Green Smoothie - @Emily Schoenfeld Schoenfeld {Jelly Toast}

This Pineapple Chia Green Smoothie is just one of the many smoothies that I’ve made using my new Blendtec. It’s full of coconut milk, pineapple, oranges, power greens and chia seeds.