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These should be in every household

Recharge your mobile devices with ease thanks to this clever USB wall outlet with two built in USB ports. Now you can throw out all those bulky USB power adapters. This USB Wall Outlet is a great gift for the workplace or home office.

Pantry surrounding fridge - seems so obvious now...

All food in one place! Rather than custom build cabinets, appropriate the idea using boring old metal or sturdy-but-cute wooden shelves. DIY customize them into a "pantry" with drawers, bins or even salvaged doors attached.

Garden mirror illusion - nice

x Garden Mirror Illusion – Open Window We bet that once you've bought this illusion mirror, you'll still have times looking out onto your garden when you'll question whether you actually have a secret window looking into another garden!

Windowfarms, urban gardening.  Great idea! -

Windowfarms, urban gardening. Great idea! -

Great use of rope lights in the garden!

Solar rope lights in the garden. I LOVE this idea, it can be used in a number of of different uses in the yard, high lighting the path to the front and back doors. lighting up the gazebo (or any focus point in your yard that will make a comfortable area t

Awesome :)

DIY Project - This is such a cute idea for a child's bedroom or playroom, with each sign painted in a different color & font style. You can customize it to your child's favorite places in stories & real life. Awesome idea for a family DIY project.