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Mussel Fritters

A kiwi staple. Bit like whitebait fritters but a whole lot gruntier. This NZ mussel fritter recipe is sooo easy.

Very easy and a great meal to make after a long work day. I use purple cabbage (seems healthier?), but this tends to "stain" the noodles and chicken

Isn’t that just fun to say? It’s Japanese for fried noodles, and while I’ve never had the authentic version from the streets of Japan, I can see why it’s addictive.


The bok choy at my local Japanese market looked so fresh and green the other day that I had to pick some up. I also scored a few packets of fresh udon noodles and a bunch of spring onions. Cooked in s (Udon Noodle Recipes)

This is so good. It certainly will help to have your girls be able to tell the difference between a creep and a gentleman.

This goes both ways. Teach both our daughters & sons to know the difference. As well as to teach our sons to be that kind of man ! I also believe it is important to teach our daughters their role too .

Decadent Brownie Pie Recipe ~ Easy and delicious

Decadent Brownie Pie Recipe ~ Easy and delicious yummy baked dessert eat warm with cream or good vanilla ice cream great for informal dinner party or family supper treat