how to weave: Vagonite - Huck Weaving - Swedish weaving - Yoguslav point - Punto yugoslavo - Ponto jugoslavo - Punto filza

Weaving techniques that might be helpful (not for card weaving but for weaving where the warp threads are spaced further apart. This board is very useful for details about weaving. (For stories about Peruvian children and adults weaving

weave basket

weave basket--this looks like the kind of weaving a friend showed me that women from Papua New Guinea do from straps around boxes.

Priscilla Bobbin Lace Book c.1911 by ivarose on Etsy

Priscilla Bobbin Lace Book c.1911

Ballard Basket Weave Art Plaque

Ballard Basket Weave Art Plaque - I'd like to try this using paper instead of rattan

New Zealand Prints - Greg Straight Art & Design

could incorporate tui and flax bush in my poster if it fits my target audience and relates to what I'm doing


More beautiful, distinctly kiwi art from Shane Hansen at Clever Bastards.