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Aethor, or the guy who becomes the grim reaper

The Order of the Candle; a guild for gravediggers and pall bearers in Casavir, aided by the priesthoods of Morag and Daruroa. Their premises is the Sepulchre Funeral Home in the Guild District. Their doyen is the halfling male Benn Tall-Rake.

Art by leejeeh - Fire mage with floating swords with the Flameblade spell on them

Today, we would like to start our inspiration section with the art of south korean fantasy artist, Jee-Hyung Lee.

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Veithana Ollanessa have studied magic at the Mage academy in Perenoth but now pratice the forces in Rovonjaku where she grow up.

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The armor on this looks really nice. The way it shows the sun shining off of it is really cool. you can tell work went into making the armor look like a mech sort of assassin. i also like the shading in the guys face and the inside of the cape.

Amazing Chinese style Assassin's creed artwork - Imgur

This piece puts me in mind of the Kalb's dark warriors, tormented by their own souls, gathering in the shadow world, awaiting his command. (The LightBridge Legacy Book III) ✦✥✦ Art credit (?): Assassin's creed artwork - Killer by Yuan