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someone is working on some type of wire art project that uses copper and black wire
25 Creative DIY Wire Projects 2022
a flower arrangement hanging from a chandelier with greenery and flowers in it
DriftyBusiness - Etsy
a wreath with flowers hanging on the wall
How to Make 3 Felt Flowers and Leaves
a wooden plaque with felt flowers and greenery on the front, sitting on a white wood background
Flor de Feltro: 65 Estilos Lindos + Moldes para Baixar - Revista Artesanato
a wooden board with flowers on it and green leaves around the edges, hanging from a rope
some glass bottles with flowers in them and a candle
fianceebodas (@FianceeBodas) on X
paper flowers are arranged on a white surface
Nursery Peony and Rose felt flower garkabd
a woman holding up a wooden bead mobile
DIY Bead Chandelier