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some type of calligraphy that has been used to spell out the names for different types of
a calendar hanging on the wall in a room
14 DIY Organization Projects - A Little Craft In Your Day
D.I.Y. project: Find a frame from the dollar store, use paint swatches for the background colors and layout a calendar format. Then use dry erase marker on the glass.
an assortment of postcards from the past and present to someone's loved friend
Astrid's Artistic Efforts
Free Vintage printables for personal use, postcards and gift envelopes :)
an image of some paper and scissors on the table with it's cut out
Free printable mini envelope template
a dresser with pictures on the wall above it
Ideas and Inspiration for Every Occasion | Shutterfly
Wood Wall Art 6
a table with place mats and forks on it
It Just Isn't Easter Without Our Favorite Carrot Cake
Love the color!!! Inspirational photo by Alyssa C..
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two framed pictures are on the wall next to each other, with many people's faces in them
Photo Canvas Collages
Simply Sara: Photo Canvas Collages