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the collage shows many different types of lights and shadows in this photo, one person is
Ta-Ku - Were We In Love (Film) - Dan Ax | Creative Producer and Cinematographer
WE WERE IN LOVE - TAKU (2016), Cinematographer DAN AX, Directed by JASON BOCK, Colorist DAVE MCLAREN #cinematography
three people standing in the middle of a church
10 Cinematography Tricks for Working With Only Natural Lighting
a man standing in front of a green screen holding his arms up to the sky
Lighting techniques for Drama based Cinematography (part 1)
the reflection of a woman in a mirror with her hands on her hipster's head
Top10: Dez Filmes Que Retratam o Conceito de Obsessão no Cinema - Cinefilia Incandescente
Cenas do filme Bom Comportamento. 10 filmes sobre a obsessão. Análises do cinema em todos os seus âmbitos. Um olhar desde os clássicos até o que há de mais atual e pipoca na sétima arte. Críticas, listas e artigos especiais de filmes todos os dias. Os melhores filmes. #filme #filmes #clássico #cinema #ator #atriz
four different views of the inside of a house at night, from top to bottom
Le foto di Gregory Crewdson fra realtà e finzione • Fotografia
Le foto di Gregory Crewdson rappresentano scene inquietanti, apparentemente reali che sconfinano inesorabilmente nella finzione cinematografica.
two men are in the water and one man is sitting on top of a table
Ces 20 astuces de photographes, vous feront voir comment ces magnifiques photos ont vraiment été réalisées!
Tous ces trucs sont tellement impressionnant et intéressant à voir! Jamais on ne pourrait s'imaginer qu'il y a autant de travail derrière ces photographies!
black and white photograph of man walking up the stairs in front of pictures on the wall
Film 101—Hitchcock III: Vintage Hollywood
In Suspicion, the camera slowly follows Cary Grant as he climbs the stairs to deliver what might be a fatal glass of milk, while a skylight window casts a shadow that looks remarkably like a spider’s web...Hitchcock used a light bulb in the glass to illuminate the milk and make it glow...
some people are sitting in chairs near the ocean
San Junipero: So you’ve been just… totally fucking inconvenient. #blackmirror
a collage of images with different colors and shapes
Suspiria (Dario Argento, 1977)
a woman sitting on a bed reading a book in front of a man with long hair
Dario Argento’s “Three Mothers” Trilogy (Suspiria, Inferno, and Mother of Tears) – Review
the collage shows different scenes from various tvs, including one with a woman in a dress and another with a man in a suit
Suspiria (1977) ⭐ 7.3 | Horror
Suspiria (1977) The house is the main character. Amazing production design.