Jolene Reid

Jolene Reid

Used to be Jolene Horton
Jolene Reid
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ellyn's place: candy sleighs

This is a candy craft so it counts! 2 candy canes hot glued to the bottom of the kit Kat bar, with Hersey bars(I would use any kind of candy bar) layered. Finished with a ribbon and a bow.

Slipper Boots

One Step Ahead by DROPS Design - Cutest Knitted DIY: FREE Pattern for Cozy Slipper Boots. I don't knit but I bet I could take an old sweater and turn it into this with some simple sewing.

pallet clothe and Shoe rack!

What a Great Idea! A pallet clothe and Shoe rack! When closet space is limited here is some extra space, and there is definitely no such thing as too many pairs of shoes! (trust me on the shoes) ;

Tile pattern

So many interesting patterns can be created by just using knit and purl. Sure beats boring stocking stitch. Especially when you have a knitting machine with a garter carriage!

Carrot and Beetroot salad, benefits of carrots, benefits of beetroot

This energising recipe for Raw Beetroot and Carrot Salad will be one of your favourite Salad Recipes and teach you the Benefits of Beetroot, Benefits of Carrot.