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three different stuffed animals sitting on top of each other
a basket filled with lots of different colored owls on top of a green and white blanket
Good night, Posterous
Make these out of fleece and fill with rice = hand warmers, cold pack for boo-boos, or hot compresses.. OWLS!
five colorful stuffed owls lined up on a wooden shelf in front of a wood fence
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Marissa, how cute are these? They look like doodlebug owls. mini owl plush, stuffed owl rainbow
three owls are sitting on a shelf next to each other
The Pickety Place
Mini owls!
three pillows with different colored owls on them
"Owie Owls" - rice bags I made to be put in freezer for all my grand kids bumps and bruises.
two small stuffed owls are in someone's hands, one is holding buttons and the other has buttons on it
vintage buttons Archives - Scrapiana
This would be a cute craft idea. Make a pillow whatever size you want and use buttons to decorate. So cute!
three owls made out of fabric sitting on top of a table
Owl Softies
Make Owl Softies using a simple shape and a variety of fabrics you probably already have.
three stuffed owls sitting next to each other on a white surface with yellow and gray accents
20 of Our Best Sewing Projects for Every Skill Level
Owl Stuffies, free pattern link, did not check for templates
an owl book with a quote on the front and back cover in pink, green, blue
20 Most adorable DIY OWL projects to try - Craftionary
20 Most adorable DIY OWL projects to try - Craftionary
two owls made out of newspaper paper sitting on top of a blackboard with the words watercolor newspaper owls
Colorful Newspaper Owl Craft for Kids
This colorful newspaper owl craft for kids is super bright and beautiful and makes a great kids craft for Earth Day since it is made out of newspaper.
the instructions to make an owl - shaped clay sculpture are shown in this screenshot
uiltjes maken van klei
Cute owl craft. Maybe a good bridging activity between Guides and Brownies
three decorative owls sitting on top of a couch next to a potted green plant
Robin and Chester More More
an adult coloring book with lots of owls
Monthly sketchbook challenge. January 2016 - Day 13: owl
several stuffed animals are on a bed with pillows in the shape of owl's
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Free tutorial and pattern for owl soft toy
four different types of owls with their faces drawn in the same style and color scheme
Zesty lifestyle
love these owls! Drawing Owls, Owl Projects, Drawing Owl, Story Artist, Owl Drawings, Owls Art, Crazy Owl, Owl Drawing, Colorful Owl
crazy owls
love these owls!