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two ships in rough seas with one sinking
Salvage of steamer MacBeth by Dutch tug on the Atlantic Ocean in 1941 Painting by Montague Dawson
an old sailing ship floating in the ocean
a painting of a sailboat on the water with birds flying around it and in the background
Batten Down The Hatches: Dusan Djukaric.
four different pictures of dogs with their mouths open and eyes closed, one is smiling
Drawing a dog. It's interesting how the details are easier to see in the drawing than the photo.
a black and white photo of a sailboat in the ocean at night with fog
Tall ships paintings - Bing Images
three different views of snow covered mountains
digital art brushes mountain
digital art brushes mountain - Buscar con Google
three different views of mountains with clouds in the sky and below them, from top to bottom
吉田誠治/日曜西ね-44a (@yoshida_seiji) / Twitter
a painting of some people and a donkey in front of a building with steps leading up to it
Adolfo Belimbau
an ad for mixing flesh tones with the color chart and instructions to use it on
Perplexed by Painting Flesh Tones? Here are some great tips to get you started!  🎨
Here are some great tips for getting started with mixing flesh tones using a limited Palette!