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an old padlock attached to a wooden door with the words door tracks and hardware
25 Recycling Ideas to Add Unusual Handmade Knobs and Pull Handles to Interior Decorating
This is the cutest pull for your kitchen cabinets. How easy and fabulous!
a heart shaped padlock attached to a wooden door with a key in the middle
Through the Branches | Amazing Travels
a rock is in the middle of a metal hook on a light switch cover that has two rings around it
Stone Door Knockers
stone door knockers (made in sonoma county)
a statue is shown in front of a wall with water running down it's side
Dramatic door handle...
a metal door with two statues on it
Door knob
Door knob by faungg
a wooden door with a metal mask on it
a door with a decorative design on it
4,201 Tallinn Door Images, Stock Photos, 3D objects, & Vectors | Shutterstock
Tallinn, Estonia door handles.
an old door handle with a carved face on it and a key in the middle
Something about this door must taste terrible
Detail carving of a rectory door in Prague, The Czech Republic / Julie Cook / 2012
a heart shaped lock on the side of a wooden door with a keyhole in it
- just breathe -
Heart-shaped key hole
a bird is perched on the handle of a doorknob that has been made out of wood
bird door knocker
a metal deer head mounted to the side of a door handle on a wooden wall
CAST IRON rustic bull elk MOOSE w antlers DOOR KNOCKER
Moose door knocker
an old wooden door with a metal handle on it
door and latch
a metal object on the side of a brick wall next to a green painted door
Bat door knocker
Bat door knocker
a metal clock on the side of a wooden door with an intricate skeleton design hanging from it's sides
Barcelona - Ausiàs Marc 001 e
Ornate door handle
a golden ram statue sitting on top of a metal stair case next to a set of stairs
staircase detail