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♡ Gorgeous Natural Makeup Look, love the hair as well

Let me walk in joyful abandon in the streaming sunlight, a playful mirth bubbling forth as I take in Verona, Italy

The Ponte Pietra (Italian for "Stone Bridge"), once known as the Pons Marmoreus, is a Roman arch bridge crossing the Adige River in Verona, Italy. The bridge was completed in 100 BC, and the Via Postumia from Genua to the Brenner Pass passed over it.

Why didn't i find this months ago...Best DIY Painting Tools. Experts list the best tools for painting—including brushes, rollers, paint removers, masking tools, cleaning tools, pouring spouts, poles, ladders and more.

Experts list the best tools for painting including brushes rollers paint removers masking tools cleaning tools pouring spouts,poles ladders and

7 Natural Baby Care Recipes

All natural homemade baby skin care recipes 7 Natural Baby Care Recipes, ranging from rash cream for clothe diapers to baby oil, baby powder, and baby shampoo.

9 Girliest Cocktails... because rum and coke isn't appropriate sometimes - I don't agree with that last statement but good drinks are hard to come by

Very Pink Raspberry Cosmopolitan Juice: 2 cups frozen raspberries 1 ½ cups water Cocktail: 2 ounces Raspberry juice 2 ounces Raspberry Liqueur 4 oz Grey Goose vodka Juice from ½ lime 1 ounce simple syrup Pink sugar crystals Raspberries for garnish.


Today, I saw that my ironing board cover was wrinkled. I laughed at the irony. Then I laughed again because irony has the word iron in it. Even more ironic is that I dont do ironing

Omg bahaha

sorry that you look like you got hit in the face


Oh I am glad this other people think this about a few people as well hahaha this was good! - You can NOT tell me there is not at least one person you feel this way about right ;


I'm sorry, call me old fashioned, but I think shorts [and skirts] should be longer than your vagina. (And this is really, really, REALLY not something to be worn by younger girls!


Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: Going to McDonalds for a salad is like going to a whore for a hug.