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Blizzardstorm was slammed down by a rouge. She quickly kicked it off and sliced oven its neck, killing it. Suddenly she was surrounded by rouges, all where toms except for one. Blizzardstorm hissed. (Rp)

Python Regius,Pet Snake,Colorful Snakes,White Snake,Animal Portraits,Beautiful Life,Vergil,Draco Malfoy,Animal Kingdom

Raven: i sit down next to the river, the only place I can go to just be alone, not that I needed more alone time. I lay back next to the water and look up at the sky. Something is spend hours doing this. I then hear a noise. I look over to see you.

Materials : Timber frame covered in full core solid rattan in light weathered finish. Linen luxurious slip cover cushions with foam and feather filling. Dimensions : 120 x 120 x 42 cm

I am drawn to the secular/solitary/green categories. I suppose that would mean I'm interested in studying eclectic witchcraft.