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Joanne-Gladys Sucich

Joanne-Gladys Sucich
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.::Raffle Winner 1::. by on @DeviantArt

Ellena-New team's Arc Episode 2 até final Arc's episode

Wings study by on @deviantART ✤ || CHARACTER DESIGN REFERENCES | Find more at if you're looking for: #line #art #character #design #model #sheet #illustration #expressions #best #concept #animation #drawing #archive #library #reference #anatomy #traditional #draw #development #artist #pose #settei #gestures #how #to #tutorial #conceptart #modelsheet #cartoon

Wings study by RDJpwns on DeviantArt

Chibi pet Poses by on @deviantART

Chibi pet Poses by MeluuArts

practicing last night since there's no single decent idea would come out from my brain. teh kamehame-hand was freakin hard XD reds - my guide; black - lines this is how i do it, but i'm not saying ...

Hand Study / how to draw hands

★ || CHARACTER DESIGN REFERENCES ( & • Love Character Design? Join the #CDChallenge (link→ Share your unique vision of a theme every month, promote your art in a community of over 25.000 artists! || ★

barefoot blush brown eyes brown hair character sheet clothes around waist dressing facial mark jacket jacket around waist naruto naruto shippuuden nohara rin open mouth short hair sitting sleeping smile solo teeth thighhighs toeless legwear -

Outfit adoptable 40 (OPEN!) by on @DeviantArt

A custom outfit commission  Vixenkiba Thank you for commissioning me Interested in getting your own custom Outfit? Some other of my adopts.

(OPEN) Adoptable Ou by on @DeviantArt

Adoptable Ou by Risoluce

Character creation part 1 construction by PascaldeJong on deviantART via

Character creation part 1 construction by *PascaldeJong on deviantART The basic start for character creation, the sketch, the style and the development

.::Outfit Adopt Set 1(CLOSED)::. by on @deviantART:

outfit adopt set 1 closed by scarlett knight

Ropa y tela tutorial

How to Draw - Tutorial: Clothes and Folds for Comic / Manga Panel Design Reference