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Yeah!!  I am on Week 11 and I am so excited to be almost fully completed!  My organization challenge has really changed so many things in our home and the way we do things.    This week’s challenge was our Command Center.  Even though we are limited in space I sill needed a center location …

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I love the kids' pictures above their hook. Perfect for keeping backpacks off the floor. But since we are past that stage maybe a hook for a diaper bag with the grandbaby's picture!

Cat and dog cake- this made me think of Zac! @cheryl turner

This is a cute cake of a cat and a dog. I like that the cat looks like Tom from the Tome and Jerry cartoon. That would be a good idea, too: a cat and a mouse cake. PP: dog themed birthday party ideas

Ha for real though. We actually all have from day one with your gaucho pants! And zero fashion sense!

For real though! He took off to spend time with "his family".meanwhile he's been texting me and calling me the entire time Bc we had plans! You really are a stupid bitch!

Other women don't intimidate me! I'll sit right next to a bitch who doesn't like me & be like "hey girl"!

Other women don't intimidate me.I'll sit right next to a bitch who doesn't like me and be like "hey girl"