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In honor of Grief Awareness Day... If you've ever lost a baby, or know someone who has, I learned so much from this friend who has a ministry to grieving mommies. She let me interview her about what not to say and what helps. Feel free to share.

you weren't my son but I loved you like you were. My sweet boy.

Exactly. 8/10/15: It's been 3 years now and I'm going back and looking at my pins... this one in particular jumped out at me. Just last week I had a meltdown signficant enough that I continually shook my head no. I did that ALL THE TIME in the beginning. No No No. And sometimes it still overwhelms me.

When your child dies, everything hurts - every part of your mind, your body…

I can't except - some days are so hard I feel like staying in bed all day.

I can't except - some days are so hard I feel like staying in bed all day. So I can sleep and see your beautiful face and hear your seet voice, I miss you so much sister.

Dad and Mom... No doubt, friends and loved ones help more than words can say, but grief at times is a walk alone and in your own time.

It is with the greatest love & respect in my heart, that I watch as my dear Mum walks this path. I wish she never had to walk the path at all, but I understand that her path is hers alone, I can only to support her in a way that she needs.

why children before parents?

My heart aches for you my beloved. That ache will never go away because you are in my heart. The hurt ache will though. I claim that in faith.

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To my son, Brandon, who is spending his birthday in heaven.December 1977 - July 1998 I love and miss you 💙

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In loving memory - Elijah James Forton, our little Monkey. 4/5/13 - 7/9/13

I miss you baby boy. No one will ever understand the hole you left in my when you went away to heaven. I now have to live on the love and memories we shared until I see you again. Forever in my heart DannyRay to