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Floating Cities through the use of magnetic levitation. #Futuretech #tech #technology

8 Ways Magnetic Levitation Could Shape the Future Read more: 8 Ways Magnetic Levitation Could Shape the Future - How Maglev Technology Works - Popular Mechanics

Lilypad Project. The idea is to create a series of floating self-sufficient ocean-going eco-city islands. Each one would be able to house 50,000 residents and would support a great deal of biodiversity

Green concept of the future called the Lilypad Project This reminds me of an Arrested Development episode. or of the Venus Project.

Full-Size Keyboard for iPhone

Full-Size Keyboard for iPhone A full-size QWERTY keyboard that allows you to input text into your iPhone from its keys. It can also be used to input commands into your computer from your iPhone.

EL invento del siglo :D Popinator, it shoots popcorn in your mouth on demand!

The POPINATOR Project from Popcorn Indiana, a fully automated, voice activated popcorn shooter triggered by the word 'pop'.

Set of Three Floating LED Pool Speakers - One Blue, One Green, One Orange - must have! So cool

Set of 3 Floating LED Pool Speakers. Simply toss the waterproof speakers into the pool and start the music, transmits wirelessly via from a single bass station. When not in the pool, the speaker work equally well on dry ground.

Can't wait for these mini phone batteries to come out.

Designer Tsung Chih-Hsien has created a Mini Power portable charger concept, which recently was named 2014 Red Dot Awards: Design Concept winner. Based on paper battery technology, Mini Power will be able to be recharged and recycled at any…