Jill Porter

Jill Porter

Auckland, New Zealand / Hi there! I help people sleep better at night by changing their money behaviors. I love my business: www.financialclarity.co.nz. In my spare time I love photog
Jill Porter
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Debt consolidation - this is one of the most common questions I get asked. See what my answers are.

To consolidate or not to consolidate?

Struggling with no or low income over the holidays?

Struggling with no or low income over the holidays?

Debt - guess this could be an age and stage thing but I laughed anyway!!

I'm in debt up to my boobs. Which, fortunately, isn't as much debt as it used to be.

Shopaholics Infographic from www.OnlinePsychologyDegree.net

Shopping for Happiness - Online Psychology Degree: Top Accredited Programs

There are some very scary numbers in here!

Overspending in America: Statistics and Facts Detailed Infographic covering latest statistics and trends about Overspending in America


Maxine - Christmas shopping and how I will be enjoying some of my time on Black Friday.

Some scary numbers here. I'm not sure if the numbers would be any different here!

The number of Americans with credit card debt is always increasing. Cardholders accumulate debt on multiple credit card accounts and often rely on balance transfers.