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Moana party game keep the Kakamora balloon off the ground till all the kids arrive idea!

Moana party keep the Kakamora balloon off the ground till all the kids arrive game!

Palm trees for Luau themed graduation party ✔ More

Palm trees for Luau/moana theme

Fidget Spinner Workout - burn off excess energy while the fidget spinner spins! Download your FREE printable from Your Therapy Source.

Fidget Spinner Workout - Exercise While It Spins! - Your Therapy Source

Mediterranean Couscous Cakes  Diana Rodelo Copyrights

Mediterranean Couscous Cakes x

Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives Lesson Plan for Years 2,3,4

parts of speech word sort {language arts}--Kids each come up and pick a stick out of my hand and they would have to place it in the right cup! If there’s extra time, they can use the word in a sentence

How to Build a LEGO Fidget Spinner - So cool!!! Step by step instructions and the post has a video too.

Have you heard of fidget spinners? Originally introduced as a fidget tool for kids with ADHD or autism spectrum disorder, they have exploded in popularity with kids everywhere! My boys heard about them from neighbor kids and wanted one of their own, so we

Balloon Powered LEGO Car:

Build a balloon-powered LEGO car!

Whakatauki                                                       …

Whakatauki - very appropriate

Posters with Maori Proverbs. Contains 20 posters with Maori proverbs perfect for mainstream or immersion classrooms.

Body Awareness Activities for Stronger Proprioception and Learning Development - Integrated Learning Strategies