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a painting of a house with balloons floating in the air above it on a shelf
Beautiful Watercolor Painting References - Beautiful Dawn Designs
23 Beautiful Watercolor Painting References - Beautiful Dawn Designs
an open book with words on it and some papers attached to the pages that have been altered
One Little Word ~ January
Me, With My Head in the Clouds: One Little Word ~ January
a black notebook with the words things i can't say out loud written on it
Things I Can't say Out Loud Notebook
- Finally a place to put all those thoughts you can't say out loud. This little black book has a soft flexible buckrum cover (buckrum is a strong acrylic covered cotton) hot stamped with gold letterin
an open book with a drawing of a lighthouse on top of a cliff next to the ocean
the afterlife
lighthouse from a printed page. wonder what the boy will come up with if I put this idea in front of him with a box of paints and pencils?
four pages of paper with drawings and text on them, all lined up in different directions
The Hike Guy | Outdoor Gear Reviews & Tips
Sierra Trek 2012 Journal by Kolby Kirk ( )
two pictures of an open book with writing on it and some pens next to it
The Journal Diaries- Ellina's Commonplace Notebook
someone is holding some paper and writing on it
page line outline
The first thing that I found very interesting and unique is the quirkiness of this simple sketch. I feel that the layout of this particular sketch has been well thought out and there is a great amount of delicacy that is shown within this simple, yet detailed drawing. This relates into the theme of Earth as you can clearly see that this is an illustration of the earth's valuable forest and plants. I feel this is communicated through the detailed lines within the illustration.:
an open book sitting on top of a wooden table next to other books and papers
喜欢美丽的标本,喜欢有故事的明信片,喜欢各种风格的笔记本,喜欢一切的美好,把它们都收集起来,偶尔回头看看,心里总会充满大大的满足感。 - 堆糖 发现生活_收集美好_分享图片
an altered book is open to reveal the contents
See this Instagram photo by @misty.granade • 110 likes
an altered collage with papers and other things on top of the sheeted paper
a hurricane shaped masterpiece // poetry + art journal by noor unnahar yellow aesthetics // journaling ideas inspiration art craft diy for teens, tumblr indie pale grunge hipsters beige aesthetics, instagram creative flatlay photography, words quotes poetry writing writers of color pakistani artist, hand written notebook stationery //
two hands holding an open book with writing on it and the pages are covered in black ink
wreck this journal pages
wreck this journal warning page - Google Search