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an angel sitting in front of flowers with her hands clasped to her chest and eyes closed
Je demande la guérison ❤️‍🩹✨
Pour tout ceux qui souffrent, ceux qui se sont égarés en suivant les autres , ceux qui ne voient plus la lumière ni à l’extérieur, ni à l’intérieur , ceux qui ont tout perdus , leur montrer le chemin de la Source 🙏✨♥️
an angel with long hair and white dress is standing in front of a bright light
Lumière éclatante ✨
an angel standing on top of a rock in the sky with her hands clasped to her chest
the meaning of colors and their meanings in different languages, with hearts on each side
Reiki Therapist | Downbeach Reiki | Margate City
Color of the day?
🙌 Unlock Your Prosperity Potential with Angelic Guidance! 💎
an angel standing in the water surrounded by clouds
an angel with white wings standing in front of a star filled sky
a painting of an angel with a child on a bridge
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