Josie Faamausili

Josie Faamausili

Josie Faamausili
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How do you make this! Google it is lol

Small Boho Feather Chandelier Craft DIY Shabby Chic Vintage Native Decor Decorating - it'd be better with a stick wreath.

Love This maaaan forreal

Large Boho Feather Chandelier Craft DIY Vintage Native Look Decorating Decor Craft. Learn How to Here!

Looks expensive but a girl can dream right? #LoveIt

A vaca every time you walk into the room! I want my whole house to feel like that! Bohemian bedroom in turquoise. Cosy: note the fireplace. Awesome Interiors & Exteriors,Dream Home,Favorite Places and Space

Bed Posts. Totally getting them one day:/

Bohemian style bedroom could be the most appropriate alternative to realize your dream space. Here 31 pictures of stunning bohemian style interior bedroom.

Its like a fairy light waterfall :O

I think Christmas lights should not be just a Christmas time thing.I love the mood it sets in this room! As sort of a illuminated floor-to-ceiling headboard!