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there are plants growing in the sand and water coming out of the stream that runs into the ground
Make a River! Easy Imaginative Play in the Sand Pit.
Make a River - imaginative play in the sandpit!
an open drawer on top of a table filled with crafting supplies next to a bench
A blog about preschool, play, early childhood education, learning outdoors, play outdoors, children and nature, play activities, kindergarten
a child is sitting on a wooden platform in the woods with sunflowers and branches
"Let the Children Play". Resource for inspiring ideas, especially for creating outdoor learning spaces.
a poster with words that say, when play outside i am learning about change and much more
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(31) Vodafone Webmail :: let the children play
three baskets filled with pine cones sitting on top of a pile of leaves and twigs
Low Cost Outdoor Classroom Alternative Tips
Outdoor Classrooms provide a place for children to connect to nature. With so many areas where children are told "no" to the diverse ways th...
children's books are sitting on green pallets in the middle of a room
let the children play: 20 Playful Ideas for using Pallets at Preschool