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a yellow dress on display in a glass case with words written all over the back
Unconventional Materials Fashion
12 Unconventional Materials Fashion on Pinterest | Recycled ...
a dress made out of newspapers on a mannequin
Newspaper Dress by Katie Mamula at Coroflot.com
a dress made out of white paper on top of a window sill with the words,
3d paper plate dress
a woman in a costume holding a fan and posing for the camera on a basketball court
Kelly Schmal Art and Teaching Portfolio :: Futuristic Wearable Sculpture, High School, Art I
Digication e-Portfolio :: Kelly Schmal Art and Teaching Portfolio :: Futuristic Wearable Sculpture, High School, Art I
models walk down the catwalk at a fashion show
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trashion #trashion #fashionshow #recycledfashion
a close up of a silver bracelet on a white surface with an open chain around it
pull tabs from soda cans made into a bracelet <3
the instructions for how to make a chain bracelet with beads, chains, and scissors
Arts and Crafts
I seriously remember making these in middle school with yarn, but I never knew what to do with the strand so I'd just end up pulling it all loose. Who knew you could make wearable jewelry this way?
a woman is walking down the runway in a costume made out of legos and bricks
fashion recycled materials - Google zoeken
a dress made out of newspaper with pictures on it
wire and paper
the art lesson plan for bleached t - shirts is shown in purple and blue
Lesson Plans - The Art of Education University
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an image of a woman wearing a hat with her mouth open and tongue sticking out
a faithful attempt
Klimt style gold patterns, grade 9,10
a mannequin wearing a dress made out of cd's hanging on a wall
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My CD Dress by Sumiyya Belcher, a 7th grader at Holmes Middle School, in the 75th Detroit Public Schools Student Exhibition at Detroit Institute of Arts (Michael H. Hodges/The Detroit News)
four different pictures of a woman in a blue dress with leaves on the bottom and side
Stuck at Prom | Duck Brand
"Using Duct Tape covered fabric and 500+ meticulously crafted feathers, we created two dresses portraying the life cycle of the phoenix and, coincidentally, our own lives; the ending of high school and our rebirth as university students. " A contest entry by Celeste and Nora
a fashion for pattern book with an image of a woman in black and white holding a purse
Davis Publications, Inc.
Pop Culture, A Passion for Pattern - Middle School
the back of a woman's body is covered in red and white geometric designs
Cut up t-shirt looks like a net
four different colored converse shoes with cartoon characters on the upper and bottom, all painted in different colors
shoes boxes illustration
shoes boxes illustration. Tie art into reading, Illustrate your favorite story on a pair of shoes :)