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This board is a Collection of my Favorite Vegan Meals! Vegan Sweet and Savoury Breakfasts, Vegetarian Lunches and Plant-Based Dinners! These Recipes will have Everyone at the table asking for seconds! Let's Eat Vegan!
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a person dipping sauce onto mini pizza bites with the words cauliflower pizza bites
Cauliflower Pizza Bites
These vegan Cauliflower Pizza Bites will satisfy your pizza cravings, without all the carbs and dairy! Customize them with your favourite pizza toppings for an irresistible snack! Oh friends, you’re in for a treat today. Ever since I made my Quinoa Pizza Bites, I’ve been thinking of other ways to put the flavours of pizza into convenient bite-sized snacks. These Cauliflower Pizza Bites fit the bill PERFECTLY. They’re low-carb, so delicious that even kids will devour them!
two plates filled with food and chopsticks next to each other
Vegan Bang Bang Tofu with Soba Noodles
This vegan bang bang tofu is baked until crispy and tossed in a creamy, homemade spicy mayo sauce. Served with crisp butter lettuce and sesame soba noodles, this high protein tofu dish packs a flavorful, slightly spicy punch. No store-bought sweet chili sauce is required! The tofu can also be made in the air fryer on it can be pan fried until crispy. It would make a delicious spring or summer plant based weeknight dinner.
two crab cakes on a plate with greens and a fork
Vegan Crab Cakes (Happy Hearts "Crab" Cakes) from Sweet Potato Soul
Vegan Crab Cakes (Happy Hearts 'Crab' Cakes) from Sweet Potato Soul
cauliflower tacos with chipotle crema and jalapenos
Crispy Cauliflower Tacos with Chipotle Crema
If you’re looking to switch up taco Tuesday a bit, I’ve got just the thing. Give these cauliflower tacos a try and you’ll be craving them way more than just once a week. With crispy cauliflower, tangy slaw, and a spicy crema, these are some of the tastiest, (and healthiest!) tacos I’ve ever made. They’re so easy to make that taco night will become the highlight of your week!
a white plate topped with crumby buffalo cauliflower wings next to a jar of chili
Crispy Buffalo Cauliflower Wings
These Crispy Buffalo Cauliflower Wings are filled with flavour and spicy! This recipe highlights how versatile and delicious this magical creamy vegetable is that once cooked whether in soup form or whole like this, you can’t help but marvel in the deliciousness. This Cheesy Buffalo Cauliflower Wings will transform anyone into a cauliflower lover. It absorbs the flavours incorporated into it so well.
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Vegan Creamy Pasta
Ultra luscious and flavorful, this Vegan Creamy Pasta takes only 20 minutes to make with simple ingredients you’re likely to have in your kitchen. This is a super versatile dish you can customize with your favorite seasonings and add-ins, as well as adjusting the flavors to suit your tastes. Vegan Pasta Recipes, Vegan Dinner Recipes, Vegan Dinner Ideas, Vegan Dinners, Vegan Meals, Vegan Meal Ideas, Easy Vegan Recipes, Vegan Entrees.
vegan pad see tew with broccoli and noodles in a white bowl
Vegan Pad See Ew
This vegan pad see ew is a plant-based version of the Thai favourite! Rice noodles, vegetables, and chewy tofu are tossed with a sweet, savoury, and slightly tangy sauce for a restaurant-style meal at home. Going to a Thai restaurant is a tricky proposition for vegans. Even the menu items that look vegan often have shrimp paste or oyster sauce or some other hidden non-vegan ingredient in them. Luckily, you can make a lot of your favourite Thai dishes at home which is so convenient.
two plates filled with different types of food and the words chipotle sofitass tofu
Copycat Chipotle Sofritas Tofu
This copycat chipotle sofritas tofu is healthy, easy to make and vegan! This chipotle tofu is spicy, ready in 30 minutes and perfect in a burrito bowl with rice, beans, veggies, tomatoes avocado and a cilantro lime crema on top. This tofu recipe is perfect for a vegan dinner.
Overhead shot of an open sandwich with spinach pesto and avocado, with peels on the side. Clean Food Recipes, St Patrick's Day Food Ideas, Avocado Grilled Cheese, Avocado And Spinach, St Patrick's Day Food, Party Food Table, Cheese Vegan, Vegan Lunch Recipes, Vegetarian Sandwich
Easiest Pesto Avocado Grilled Cheese (Vegan)
This 4-ingredient grilled cheese sandwich is so delicious, easy to assemble, healthy, yet rich and devine at the same time! Avocado, spinach, pesto, vegan mozzarella, and pesto comes together to bring you the perfect easy weeknight meal!
a pan filled with rice and spinach next to other ingredients on a white surface
Coconut Creamy Spinach and Mushroom Quinoa
This coconut creamy spinach and mushroom quinoa is a delicious 30 minute dinner in a bowl that packs in 7 servings of vegetables! I’m all about meals in bowls, whether it’s creamy garlic mushroom pasta, vegan poke bowls, or this creamy spinach and mushroom quinoa. I love how meal bowls allow you to mix-and-match different components—and it’s […] The post Coconut Creamy Spinach and Mushroom Quinoa appeared first on Jessica in the Kitchen.
a bowl filled with cauliflower, onions and red peppers on top of a wooden table
Crispy Cauliflower with Tahini Yogurt | Dinner Recipes
This Crispy Cauliflower recipe is easy, flavorful and can be made in an air fryer or roasted in the oven. Serve over creamy tahini yogurt sauce with pickled red onions and herbs, as a tasty side dishes or serve it with a side of soft, toasty pita bread for vegetarian dinner recipes. Vegan-adaptable and Gluten-Free. Follow for more dinner ideas!
a white casserole dish filled with pasta and meat covered in marinara sauce
Vegan Stuffed Shells
This recipe for Vegan Stuffed Shells is a guaranteed hit for the whole family! Tender pasta shells filled to the brim with creamy vegan ricotta and Parmesan are a foolproof way to bring everyone together around the table. Each savory bite is bathed in rich marinara sauce as a timeless comforting classic. Traditional stuffed shells […] The post Vegan Stuffed Shells appeared first on Jessica in the Kitchen.
grilled eggplant and vegetables on a plate with the title summer grilling recipes for vegans
Summer Grilling Recipes for Vegans
Summer Grilling Recipes for Vegans perfect for outdoor or indoor grills! Enjoy a variety of delicious options, from grilled burgers to fruits and vegetables. Create unforgettable summer memories with these tasty, easy-to-make dishes. Embrace the heat and fire up the grill for a mouthwatering vegan feast!