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Healthy Vegan, Vegetarian and Plant-Based Lunches! Make-Ahead Vegan Lunch Recipes and Healthy Meal-Prep Ideas! Simple Vegan Sandwiches and Tofu Wraps, Homemade Soups, Pasta Dishes, Hearty Salads and Bowls and much more! You won't get bored of the same lunches over and over!
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vegan egg rolls with creamy avocado ranch are an easy appetizer
Southwest Vegan Egg Rolls with Creamy Avocado Ranch
Consider these Southwest Vegan Egg Rolls a delicious fusion of Tex-Mex and traditional Chinese egg rolls. Inside the crispy egg roll wrapper is a mixture of savory vegan chicken, black beans, veggies, and all your favourite Tex-Mex spices for loads of flavour. Serve with a creamy avocado ranch sauce and you have a snack that will be the talk of your next party!
simple and savory air fryer tofu on a white plate with a fork
Simple & Savory Air Fryer Tofu
Simple & Savory Air Fryer Tofu features pressed and cubed tofu tossed with garlic, onion, paprika, sea salt, cornstarch, soy sauce, sesame oil, and black pepper. Air-fried at 400°F for 10 minutes, with a shake midway. Easy, flavorful bites with a crispy exterior. Perfect for a quick and satisfying meal. Enjoy the goodness
the best grain free vegan pizza recipe
The Best Grain Free Vegan Pizza
Try this grain free vegan pizza recipe! This veggie-packed meatless vegan pizza is grain free and delicious. Kale, caramelized onion, and mushrooms with a grain-free crust all together for the perfect vegan pizza!
30 Minute Green Goddess Pasta
Indulge in the vibrant flavors of our 30 Minute Green Goddess Pasta. Creamy avocado, zesty lemon, and fragrant parsley come together in a delightful sauce, perfect for coating our nutritious Lentil Pasta with Spinach and Basil. Quick, easy, and bursting with freshness, this dish is a surefire crowd-pleaser. Serve with your favorite veggies and savor every bite!
grilled vegetables and meat on skewers over rice
Grilled Steitan Kebabs
These meaty seitan kebabs are the perfect meal for the grill. Seitan chunks with your favorite vegetables grilled to perfection and drizzled with flavorful teriyaki sauce. Serve these vegan kebabs over your choice of grain or on a bun. Swap out the seitan for tofu or more veggies for gluten-free vegan kebabs.
Crispy Vegan Gochujang Tofu
These Korean (Gochujang) Tofu Rice Bowls are a quick, incredibly flavorful, make-ahead dish! It’s one of my most requested recipes, and perfect for weeknight dinners. Enjoy this sweet, savory and spicy tofu recipe!
two plates filled with food and chopsticks next to each other
Vegan Bang Bang Tofu with Soba Noodles
This vegan bang bang tofu is baked until crispy and tossed in a creamy, homemade spicy mayo sauce. Served with crisp butter lettuce and sesame soba noodles, this high protein tofu dish packs a flavorful, slightly spicy punch. No store-bought sweet chili sauce is required! The tofu can also be made in the air fryer on it can be pan fried until crispy. It would make a delicious spring or summer plant based weeknight dinner.
vegan gochujuang noodles in a white bowl with chopsticks on top
Vegan Gochujang Noodles
Vegan Gochujang Noodles features a perfect balance of heat and sweetness, courtesy of the rich gochujang sauce—a fermented red chili paste that infuses the noodles with its distinctive umami depth. The noodles are cooked to a tender perfection and tossed with sautéed vegetables, creating a vibrant and satisfying meal. Garnished with a sprinkle of sesame seeds and fresh green onions, this Gochujang noodles recipe is not only a feast for the taste buds but also a visually stunning addition to any dining table. Ideal for a quick weeknight dinner or a tantalizing lunch, Korean Gochujang Noodles promise to deliver a burst of flavor with every bite.
baked taco casserole on a white plate
Vegan Baked Taco Casserole
Our Vegan Baked Taco Casserole features layers of seasoned taco meat, plant-based cheese, and tortillas, this one’s sure to please the whole family. With only a handful of ingredients and quick prep time, this is a recipe that’s perfect for weeknight dinners. You can add your favourite taco toppings, switch up the type of plant-based meat and cheese, and make it spicy or mild depending on your taste preferences.
a bbq sandwich on a plate with the words soy curls vegan bbq get the recipe
BEST Vegan BBQ (Soy Curls Recipe)
This amazing vegan BBQ made with soy curls is so delicious and perfect for summertime festivities and the Fourth of July because it delivers a smoky, savory flavor that rivals traditional BBQ, pleasing both vegans and meat-eaters!
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chicken noodle soup in a pot with carrots and spinach on the side
Vegan Chicken Noodle Soup
There is comfort in every bowl of Vegan Chicken Noodle Soup. This Simple Vegan Chicken Soup is simmered to perfection with tender veggies, hearty bowtie pasta, and savory vegan chicken. A nourishing twist on a classic favorite, brimming with flavors of garlic, thyme, and oregano in a rich vegetable broth. Warm up with this soul-soothing recipe tonight!
the best recipes for vegans
The Best Recipes for Vegans
This collection of The Best Recipes for Vegans will give you some amazing new recipes to try. Discover amazing vegan summer recipes perfect for parties and cookouts. Enjoy grilled main dishes, easy sides, and no-bake desserts for the best summer ever. From vegan grilled recipes to simple summer salads and decadent no-bake desserts, find everything you need for the entire season.