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Modern Art Earrings. Abstract earrings. Handmade Jewelry
Difficulty: Medium Materials; • Polymer Clay • Sand Paper • Clay Cutter
30min · 4 servings This is one of my go-to tofu recipes and a family favorite! 😮‍💨 Via @Fitgreenmind #veganfood #easyveganrecipes #easyrecipes #quickrecipes #quickveganrecipes #tofu #tofurecipes RECIPE (4 servings, 30min prep time): -400g tofu Pat dry and tear in chunks -3 big Tbsp peanut butter -juice of 1 lime -salt to taste -1/2 Tsp each chili powder, ginger powder and garlic powder -2 Tbsp soy sauce Mix and stir in the tofu. Spread on a lined baking tray and generously drizzle with agave or maple syrup. Bake at 175C/350F for 25min.
there are many different colored toothbrushes on the card holders with name tags attached to them
a person holding up a pair of colorful flip flops in front of a black and white background
👑Thee Earring Gurl👑 on Instagram: “These are available to purchase at RashidaGurl.com 💕”
two pieces of paper with different designs on them and one piece cut out to look like an oval
Studio Eris by Rose 🌹’s Instagram photo: “‘Negative space’...the space between, within and around. It can be just as beautiful as the main image, I think! I love the little voids in…”
a drawing of a face with two hoop earrings on it
two black and white earrings on a white surface, one with an eyeball design
Miss Paty