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.to my girl,...... read this and think about it,.... you 2 are both in love and you r just having a hard time believeing it now cuz of this stupid separation,....... which will not last foever,.... like some people think OR are not thinking at all/// xoxo

Will to Ally, he's talking about his life in this scene. His mother died when he was very young, his father left him after he got sick, even Reyna, Chris, and him fight at times, but Ally has always been there since they got to know each other. :) -Book 3

Yes I stopped trying...I know now that you never care for me.....your words are not the same as your actions.....I was fighting for you...for us...but now I stopped trying......don't forget that I realy love you....Wish you well....❤..Xxx...L.Loe