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green leaves are shown in this close up photo
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Venus Maidenhair Fern: one of my absolute favorites!! these have a ton of herbal health benefits (including treating gallstones!!) and are a natural mosquito repellant too :)
some very pretty green plants in the grass
The Herbarium
angelyncolette: ferns. i love them and want them to be everywhere, all of the time. i want to live in the middle of a forest full of ferns, constantly spiraling outward.
green leaves are growing in the grass
Fern Deer Fern, Ladder Fern Blechinaceae spicant
the different types of flowers are shown in this image, including hydrangeas and pinks
Hydrangea colors for your wedding
Hydrangea colors... Someone across town has a dark purple one and it is gorgeous! I would love one of those for our yard.
the fruit is growing on the palm trees in the field and ready to be picked
Pacific Perfumes Part 1: How Green Is Their Island + Artisan Botanical Collection Draw - ÇaFleureBon Perfume Blog
Nikau palm, the only palm endemic to New Zealand, with it's 'fruit salad' (the fruit changes colours).
small green plants with tiny leaves on them
I Miss Hebes
hebe native new zealand plant
there are many palm trees in the field
Cloud Farm - a New Zealand Garden
New Zealand cordylines (cabbage trees) are great visually architectural plants. If your looking to create a modern garden they look fantastic in a bed of rock or gravel. They are very well suited for large pots and require very little watering Or maintenance.
a forest filled with lots of tall trees and green plants in the middle of it
woodendreams: (by Ranga 1) Australian Tree Ferns are my favorite. Too bad it gets too cold for them to live in Tennessee.
small white flowers growing on the branches of trees
New Zealand Native Plants Photography - recent NZ natives additions Nov 2005 page4
Parsonsia heterophylla NZ Jasmine, New Zealand native jasmine
yellow flowers hang from the branches of a tree
Ōtautahi / Christchurch Daily Photo
NZ native Kowhai - which flower in early springtime, and tuis love feeding from these flowers.
pink and white flowers with green leaves in the foreground, on a tree branch
Leptospermumm scoparium
Pink Tea Tree (Leptospermumm scoparium) Native to New Zealand and southeast Australia. A usually compact shrub to 2m high (often less) to 2m wide.
a dirt road surrounded by tall trees and ferns
New Zealand's native luscious green Forests....Punga Forest, near Rotorua,North Island,New Zealand
white and yellow flowers with green stems in the foreground
Fresias, the scent always fills my heart with warmth & memories...
an image of colorful flowers in a pot
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I love these flowers, and they smell SOO good- like honey