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a clock that is on the side of a wall with an image of a man in water
Penny Howard
Penny Howard
Penny Howard Design, Howard, Penny, Artist Models, Artist, Model, Denim Jacket
Penny Howard
Penny Howard
a white bird with its wings spread out in front of a painting
penny howard - Google Search
the silhouette of a dog with a boat in it's mouth is shown against a white background
penny howard - Google Search
trees in the fog with no leaves on them, and one tree has long thin branches
Gorgeous And Grand Graphite Art That Will Leave You Gasping - Bored Art
Gel Printing With Oil Pastels (March Printing Challenge Idea #22)
a black and white drawing of a house with trees in the foreground next to it
a piece of paper hanging from a clothes line with birds on it's side
Jenny McCabe Artist | Printmaker
some wood cutouts are sitting on a table in front of a spinning wheel and machine
Jenny McCabe Artist | Printmaker
an image of a bird that is made out of wood
a black and white bird sitting on top of a piece of string next to a wall
an ink drawing of a building with antlers on it's roof and windows
a drawing of three white flowers on a black background
#pastels #drawing #dramatic
a black and white drawing of a flower