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someone is painting a swan on the water with their hands and holding a paintbrush
363K views · 65K reactions | Swan watercolour using mainly raw sienna, ultramarine and indigo. If you want to try this it helps to paint the first layer very wet so you have lots of time to shape the white areas. #artreels #watercolour #watercolorprocess #aquarell #watercolorpainting #watercolor | Rebecca Rogers | HAUSER · River Flows in You
Rosa realista
a woman is painting a flower with watercolors
5.5K views · 2K reactions | Blumenzauber ganz leicht selber malen mit einem Fächer Pinsel. #malen #aquarelle #watercolor #watercolour #kunstmachtglücklich #malenhilft #art #artist | Svana Seidel | hamburgerkaffeeperle · Hamburger Sound
an image of a painting on paper with watercolors and paintbrushes next to it
2.2K reactions · 319 shares | Monochrome du lac en vert olive 🌱 Inspired by the lake of Annecy and its serene nature, I created this watercolor painting in a special format. Hope you like it 💚 Venez découvrir ce dessin dans le pop up shop @shopdesfondus la semaine du 20 mai aux @nouvellesgaleries_annecy #watercolor #watercolorpainting #aquarelle #aquarellepainting #aquarellepaysage #landscapepainting #monochrome #paintingprocess #lacdannecy #nature #douceur #loosewatercolor #relaxingart | Nan Zhong
Need more floral inspiration? Here is an amazing Watercolor roses tutorial for you today 🌸💕 by @sincerelyyen
a painting of a pink rose with green leaves on a gray background by vera kavana
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Paint aesthetic watercolor florals with Kanchan Kaul…
Can never go wrong with roses 🌹 The more you paint, the more your muscle memory develops and you can paint even without drawing most of the times:) Practice everyday! .
a hand holding a white paper plate with a bee on it and the words only 3 minutes
2.6K views · 31 reactions | Easy 🐝 in 3 minutes with lots of shimmery splatters! 👩🏻‍🎨slowed down video with directions for subscribers🖌️ This is the first joke I’ve shared on Instagram 😂: What do bees say when they return to the hive? A: Honey, I’m home. 🐝 Materials used: Size 1 detail brush and size 2 sable mop brush @goldenmapleart Watercolor paper 100 percent cotton cut into circle by me Watercolor paints @artezaofficial Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through him who strengthens me. | MamaPanda Painter | Joel Corry · I Wish (feat. Mabel)
an artist's palette with watercolors on it next to two pictures of clouds
406K views · 25K reactions | How to paint clouds ☁️ in watercolor! Ready to learn how to paint beautiful Watercolor Landscapes?! Join me in Watercolor Landscapes with over 6 hours of prerecorded lessons that you have lifetime access to watch plus any new content! #watercolorlandscape #watercolortutorial #watercolorbeginner #learnwatercolor | Mallery Jane I Watercolor | malleryjaneart · Original audio
an art project with watercolors and paintbrushes on a table next to a tree
106K views · 6.2K reactions | Full length video is up on YT of how I use a sponge 🧽 for trees in watercolor 🎨 Ready to learn how to watercolor?! Join me in my Watercolor 101 course with over 5 hours of prerecorded lessons with lifetime access! #watercolortutorial #watercolorbeginner #arttutorial #learnwatercolor | Mallery Jane I Watercolor | malleryjaneart · Original audio
a painting of a white flower with green grass in the background
Papatya 🌼
a person is using scissors to paint rocks
3.3K views · 129 reactions | Your interpretation of the stones with holes as a symbol of protection and stability is truly fascinating. Thank you dear @irma.deceglia 🙌💯👏 ✅RW-IBA ✅ 10% off use “Irma01” ・・・ Avete presente quei sassi con i buchi che si trovano sulla nostre coste? Fori provocati da piccoli molluschi (foladi, credo) che vivono protetti nella pietra. La casa scavata nella pietra è elemento archetipo (la grotta), ripreso nella cultura architettonica mediterranea come concezione caratterizzante (vedi i sassi di Matera). Quando faccio così sembro quasi seria. Naaaa. Però è a questo che mi fanno pensare quei buchini. Alle case, alla protezione, alla stabilità della pietra, alla cultura mediterranea. @rockwell_canada @baohongcanada @watercolor_guide @watercolor_daily @watercolor.masters #watercolors #watercolorpainting #art #artist #artsy #artstudio #acquerello #aquarelle #acuarelas #acquerellosucarta #lithos | RockWell Art Canada | RockWell Art Canada · Original audio
a person is painting a duck with watercolors on paper and then using a marker
25K views · 3K reactions | One more little ducking. The first layer painted with a bristle brush and plenty of water. #watercolorprocess #watercolortutorial #aquarelle #artreel #watercolourpainting | Rebecca Rogers | James Quinn · A Gentle Sunlight