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a painting of a bird sitting on top of a piece of paper
Available Paintings | Shelli Walters Studio | Bend Oregon
a knitted piece with the words weave in tails as you knit step by step
Simple Way to Weave in Tails as You Knit - 10 rows a day
an image of the moon in front of a building with a crescent on it's side
an empty building with stairs and lights hanging from the ceiling
an abstract painting of trees with blue sky in the background
Kauri tree landscape by Colin McCahon
a painting of flowers and leaves on a green, beige, red, orange and white background
Jewellery, Person, Jewelry, Personalized Items
a blue and white sticker on the side of a mountain with snow capped peaks
a painting of blue and white flowers in a yellow vase
the reflection of palm trees and clouds in a glass window with bars on each side
an art installation with colorful lights in the grass and large feathers on it's back
a mannequin wearing a helmet made out of strips of black and white paper
a statue of a woman wearing a dress and holding a purse in front of a bus stop
a painting with many different colors and shapes
Fine Art Gallery in Whistler, Banff, and Jasper
an abstract painting of sailboats sailing in the ocean with blue sky and white clouds
Donald Kuspit on Lyonel Feininger at the Whitney Museum
a rock with a rope attached to it
a woman holding a baby up to her face while sitting on top of a statue
a woman standing in front of a large statue
a black and gold abstract painting with white triangles on it's sides, against a black background
a light house sitting on top of a body of water next to a sailboat