Senior goals.

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an animal matching game with different animals on it's sides and the numbers in each
Pin by Jana Reynders on Eric Carle Thema | Bear activities preschool, Brown bear brown bear activities, Eric carle activities
an old man in black and white with a quote from anthony hopkins on it
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Physics: Why Matter Matters!
the cartoon shows a woman trying to get out of her bed
a sign that is hanging on the wall
Bad Grandma
Bad Grandma : funny
the bathroom is decorated in green and white with shelves for liquor bottles, gins, and more
Adding a bar in the bathroom
a quote written in blue ink on a piece of paper that says, the trick to aging gracefully is to enjoy it
Cobb Hill Women's Shoes | Sandals, Boots, Flats & More
a quote that says you only live once? false you live everyday, you only die once
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.So live each day as if it is your last day. Love much, forgive daily, be kind always!!
an old man and woman sitting on the grass
Ecards - Inspire 21
"Old age is not for sissies." Bette Davis... My Grandmama is definitely not a sissy. She's the toughest lady I know.
two women in hats and sunglasses are behind a happy hour sign with fruit on it
Seriously Funny Cards
Happy whatever.
an old woman is holding a camera and looking at the newspaper
He did it again.
Screw the bake sale. The Ladies of Shady Grove were pulling out the big guns. Family Photos, Portland, Comedy, Bikinis, Senior Humor, Senior Pictures Boys
23 Funny Family Photos of the Awkwardly Crazy Kind | Team Jimmy Joe
Screw the bake sale. The Ladies of Shady Grove were pulling out the big guns.